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  • What is history of Orchid Giving Circle®?
    A conversation in March 2013 between Cynthia Yung and Thear Sy Suzuki posed the question "Where are all the Asian women interested in supporting our community?" Each of them seldom met other Asian women at civic events and yearned to connect with professional Asian women role models leading and representing Asian community. After a couple of years of conversations and meeting other like minded women, a small group decided to launch Orchid Giving Circle® in May 2015 and modeled after many successful Asian giving circles around the country. May 15, 2015 official launch at Crow Collection in Dallas - pictured with Cynthia Yung, Anne Woods, Caren Lock, Roslyn Dawson Thompson (Texas Women's Foundation President), Trea Yip, Arang Cistulli, Sejal Desai, Thear Sy Suzuki, Mylinh Luong and Radhika Zaveri are nine of the twenty two founding members. We are a group of Asian women philanthropists in North Texas ranging across all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and professions. As members, we pool our resources to provide community grants that support social change and services for North Texas Asians. We have an interest in Asian female-led social change projects and organizations. Our goal is to increase awareness of the local Asian population, community needs and knowledge about philanthropy.
  • Why fund Asian-American organizations?
    Less than one percent of all philanthropic dollars are invested in Asian-American communities. Asian-Americans have been historically under-represented as funders and grant recipients. The label “model minority” creates an inaccurate picture that Asian-Americans do not need help when in fact parts of our community have dire needs currently unmet. Putting philanthropic dollars into community-based social change projects is putting money into the hands of local experts working to make our social systems more equitable.
  • Why female-led?
    Female-led, family-serving projects receive fewer philanthropic dollars. Studies have shown that investing in women strengthens the social fabric that holds local communities together because women spend their dollars within their own families and communities. Economic and opportunity inequities are related to gender inequities.
  • Is Orchid Giving Circle® a 501c3 nonprofit organization?
    Orchid Giving Circle® is a fund at Texas Women's Foundation which is a 501c3 organization. They ensure that all donated funds meet the legal and tax guidelines mandated by IRS. Donations are made to “Orchid Giving Circle Fund at Texas Women’s Foundation” Texas Women’s Foundation provides a tax-deductible receipt for all cash/credit donations. We are a volunteer-led group. Three volunteers have agreed to be Officers and are signatures on the fiscal sponsor agreement. Cynthia Yung is Chair, Sejal Desai is Grants Committee Chair and Caren Lock is Secretary. These three volunteers donate 300+ hours of time annually to manage the group.
  • Who can donate?
    Gifts from men, women, corporations and foundations are all welcome. Gifts $100+ by August 31 entitles donors to vote on grants. Please research if your company provides matching donations. This could potentially double your contributions! Donations via Facebook are not recommended.
  • How can donations be made?
    GIVE / GETS / CORPORATE GIFTS AND MATCHES 1. GIVE Online at Text “Orchid” to 41444 Mail Checks / Corporate MatchesAttention Shonda BarnettTexas Women’s Foundation8150 North Central Expy. Suite 110Dallas, Texas 75206a. Memo on check – Orchid Giving Circle Fundb. Send email to Cynthia at and Shonda so they know to look for check. 2. GETS - Member are responsible to track their own donations and submit commitments to meet June 30 deadline. a. Online/Text donation box "NAME OF YOUR CIRCLE MEMBER CONTACT" - ask donors them to fill in your name. b. Members donors to forward email receipts to help them track and ensure donation to OGC Fund (not another fund – ther are 4 “circles” and general fund) c. Send completed list totaling $2500 to Shonda Barnett to confirm received and provide email receipts by June 15. 3. CORPORATE GETS AND MATCHES – In order to amplify your donations, please check if your employer or corporation offers a match. Each company has different processes and procedures. Please consult your company and allow enough time for the funds to be received by Texas Women’s Foundation to meet deadline. If you require documentation or forms filled in please contact Shonda Barnett
  • How may I join?
    Asian women may join by agreeing to raise and/or contribute a minimum of $2,500.00 by June 30 to be officially recognized as a member and included in online member listing. Complete member application form online. Provide LinkedIn profile and accept connection from OGC website administrator member. Sign Conflict of Interest policy to participate in grant proposals reveiw meeting. See Join Us tab.
  • What is financial commitment?
    Members commit to give or raise $2500.00 annually before June 30. Corporate gifts and matches can take 3 – 6 months to process. Please take that into consideration when you start those gifts. Donations via Facebook are not accepted toward member commitment. See FAQ – Who can donate? And How can donations be made?
  • What is the time commitment?
    Members are encouraged to attend and participate in three main member events: 1. Member retreat and holiday party – December 2. Member grants proposal review* – March 3. Grantee Celebration – October Members may volunteer to serve on grants or new member welcome committees. *Members must sign Conflict of Interest policy to participate in Member grants proposal review and serve on grant committee. Ad hoc events are planned by members for members like lunches, new member dinner, and receptions with grantee organizations. These are all voluntary activities.
  • How are donations to Orchid Giving Circle® Fund at Texas Women’s Foundation used?
    Donations are the property of Texas Women's Foundation with directions for giving from Orchid Giving Circle®. Orchid Giving Circle® recommends grants to the Texas Women's Foundation Board of Directors based on the funds in the account as of August 31. Texas Women’s Foundation Board of Directors must approve grants made from these funds. Texas Women’s Foundation charges a 5% management fee for all donations collected. The remaining 95% of funds raised are used for grants. Limited supplies like thank you cards, and stamps are reimbursable. All food and beverages for member events and fundraisers are donated by members.
  • How does fundraising work?
    All fundraising events must be approved by Texas Women’s Foundation. All communications to non-members must be approved by Texas Women’s Foundation Donations raised from Orchid Giving Circle® fundraising event are credited to event hosts. Member donations to fundraisers are not counted towards member’s commitment unless they are event hosts. Fundraising expenses are not reimbursable from Texas Women’s Foundation. The use of the term “raffles” for fundraising is prohibited. Donations to “Orchid Giving Circle Fund at Texas Women’s Foundation” are eligible for tax receipts. Online crowd sourced fundraising is not accepted. E.g. Facebook, Go Fund Me,...
  • Can merchandise or items be sold to fundraise?
    We have a trademarked the name “Orchid Giving Circle®”. Items with Orchid Giving Circle® trademarked name or logo may not be sold for fundraising. Donations to “Orchid Giving Circle Fund at Texas Women’s Foundation” are eligible for tax receipts.
  • Is there a Conflict of Interest policy for members?
    Texas Women's Foundation requires every member to sign the Conflict of Interest Policy to receive confidential grant information. Members must list any nonprofit organizations where you are employed, lead or serve on the board, advisory board and committees. We follow these best practices during grant reviews: A. Members should refrain from advocating with self-interest for organizations where they currenly serve. We welcome members to provide knowledge and past experiences with the organization. B. If you are employed or in leadership position of organization that submits proposal, we ask you to recuse yourself from the room during discussion on that organization. C. If you serve on the board, advisory board, committee, etc. of organization, we ask you to abstain from voting. D. We require members to be impartial and participate with perspective of OGC's mission.
  • How much has been granted to date and to whom?
    As of 2019, $629,00 has been granted. 2019 - Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund $15K, Catholic Charities of Fort Worth $10K, Chetna $20K, Crow Museum of Asian Art $10K, Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance $25K, Dallas Chinese Community Center $20K, Healing Hands Ministries $20K, DFW Hub Center for Health $7.5K, Heart House $20K, Ignite Texas $10K, Literacy Achieves $20K, Mosaic $10K, The Senior Source $12K, and Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation $20K. 2018 - Asian Breast Health Outreach Project $15K, Chetna $15, Dallas Chinese Community Center $15K, DFW Hub Center for Health $1K, Heart House $15K, Ignite Texas $15K, Literacy Achieves $15K, Mosaic $15K, The Senior Source $15K, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation $15K, Vickery Meadow Youth Foundation $15K. 2017 - Asian Breast Health Outreach Project $15K, Catholic Charities of Fort Worth $15K, Chetna $15, Dallas Holocaust Museum $15K, Health Hub $5K, Heart House $15K, International Leadership of Texas $2K, Ignite Texas $15K, Mosaic $15K 2016 – Asian Breast Health Outreach Project $15K, Asian Film Festival of Dallas $15K, Crow Collection of Asian Art $15, Ignite Texas $15K, Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation $15K 2015 – Heart House $30K, Against the Grain $5K, Mosaic $25K, Chetna $16.5K
  • Who is eligible to apply for grants?
    Non-profit 501c3 organizations and artists/groups that have a 501c3 fiscal sponsor. Must align with grant guidelines.
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